CapCon (Capital Conference), a conference created and hosted by Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation (VHCDC), is dedicated to presenting solutions to today’s financial challenges, while showing individuals, families, and small business owners how to succeed – financially.  CapCon began in 2005 as a conference where small business owners converged to learn how to access capital and credit and secure myriad financing for their ventures. The current iteration expands the range of financing to include ALL forms of capital, personal and business, as well as wealth building strategies. CapCon challenges financial experts and industry professionals to pull back the covers on their industries and give our guests actionable intelligence – financial hacks that can be deployed immediately following the conference.  CapCon2019 is proudly presented in partnership with Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads.

CapTalks – 10am to 2pm

CapTalks, presented in the form of short, powerful talks (12 minutes or less) delivers financial hacks that empower guests to improve their personal finances, build wealth, and finance their small business.  Just imagine learning how to dramatically boost your savings, fund your non-profit organization, reduce your business taxes, or purchase foreclosed homes in just a few minutes, not hours.  You can learn these strategies and more.  Click here for tickets for CapTalks.  Click here to see the schedule of talks.

CapShops – 10am to 4pm

Presenters featured at CapTalks will be on-hand to discuss their areas of expertise and provide information on their products and services. Meet with our presenters one-on-one for and get the keys to your future.  Signup for services, explore financial products, discover the latest financial hacks.  Access to CapShops is included with your admission.


The community development mission of Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation (VHCDC) is to educate and empower individuals, families and minority business owners to build wealth, access capital and credit, and achieve home ownership. VHCDC achieves this mission through a steady stream of wealth building initiatives, home ownership education and assistance, small business financing, and acquiring and rehabilitating distressed housing in targeted communities.  Visit for additional information, programs and services.

About Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads

Struggling students and their families have a hard time accessing and navigating the maze of public and private services. There may be ample resources in a community, but rarely is there someone on the ground who is able to connect these resources with the schools and students that need them most. Through a school-based coordinator, we bring community resources into schools to empower success for all students by removing barriers for vulnerable students at risk of dropping out, keeping kids in schools and on the path to graduation and leveraging evidence, relationships and local resources to drive results.  Visit Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads for additional information.