CapTalks, presented in the form of short, powerful talks (12 minutes or less), will show you financial hacks that will empower you to improve your personal finances, build wealth, and finance and grow your small business.

10:00am Welcome & Introduction
10:20am How to Deal with Your Landlord & Avoid Eviction
10:40am How to Improve Your Personal Finances
11:00am How to Increase Your FICO Credit Score
11:20am How to Buy a Home or Condo
11:40am How to Protect Your Housing Investment
12:00pm How to Get a Mortgage (No Money Down!)
12:20pm How to Build Wealth & Buy Stocks
12:40pm How to Brand Your Business
1:00pm How to Finance Your Business
1:20pm How to Avoid the Business Killers
1:40pm How to Get a Surety Bond for Your Business
2:00pm How to Fund Your Non-Profit
* This schedule is subject to change without notice.